New Site In Progress, Thank You For Your Patience

We are looking forward to this springs upcoming Bridal Market! We have been luckily very busy here at the shop, so we are keeping it to our roots this March with a simple and effective booth for our bridal risers! It's always fun to see our market friends, enjoy the Green River on St. Patty's day and have some good eats while we are downtown.

Come visit us at Booth 5018 and pace your order at the show for the Market Discount.

Take a look at some of our previous market booths below!

Thirty plus years in the retail industry has been so rewarding, we decided to expand our expertise and dive deeper into a specific niche. The bridal industry is an amazing, ever growing, passionate industry that we have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with these last few years.

After much collaboration with these diligent business owners nationwide, from bridal risers to store build outs, it has been amazing to see how they each have such a beautiful and personal take on their own stories and store design.  We are proud to announce our product line engineered specifically for them has been such a success we have decided to launch a website dedicated to them!

You can find this site at in 2020!



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