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Engraved Solid Surface Pedestals

These unique solid surface pedestals are custom engraved with your company name, logo or just about anything you can be imagine. With the application of a durable enamel finish, the engraving stands out to make a real statement. The soft white color compliments any color scheme.

Due to the unique nature of individualized engraving, the price of these pedestals is based on the complexity of the engraving. A visual rendering of the finished product as well as a quoted price will be e-mailed to you for approval prior to production.

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187 406-10-10-10-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"10" Quote Only
10 406-10-10-15-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"15" Quote Only
188 406-10-10-20-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"20" Quote Only
189 406-10-10-25-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"25" Quote Only
190 406-10-10-30-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"30" Quote Only
191 406-10-10-35-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White10" X 10"35" Quote Only
192 406-12-12-10-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"10" Quote Only
193 406-12-12-15-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"15" Quote Only
194 406-12-12-20-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"20" Quote Only
195 406-12-12-25-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"25" Quote Only
196 406-12-12-30-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"30" Quote Only
197 406-12-12-35-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White12" X 12"35" Quote Only
198 406-15-15-10-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"10" Quote Only
199 406-15-15-15-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"15" Quote Only
200 406-15-15-20-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"20" Quote Only
201 406-15-15-25-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"25" Quote Only
202 406-15-15-30-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"30" Quote Only
203 406-15-15-35-log-wht Solid SurfaceSoft White15" X 15"35" Quote Only

All Engraved Pedestals are produced in the US, under strict quality control policies, with attention to detail.
Our experienced staff, combined with state of the art CNC equipment, allow us to build engraved pedestals fast
and ship to your home, store or gallery promptly.

Special Note: Wood is a living thing. Each pedestal is unique. Every natural grain, color and tone will vary and enhance over time.

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