Real Wood Pedestal Dvd Storage

All pedestals are made to order (we do not carry stock). Upon your order, they are immediately custom built with state of the art computer-aided technology and quickly shipped to your location in one week or less, for most pedestal types.

28 Years Experience and Over 100,000 Pedestals Shipped

WW Pedestals is a division of WW Displays, Inc that has manufactured the retail displays, counters and trade fixtures for over 200 major retail store locations. The projected in-service life of our pedestals is 10 years in high traffic retail environments. If your project involves wood pedestals test, you can trust WW Pedestals.

How do you manufacture real wood pedestal dvd storage?

WW Pedestals engineers and manufactures real wood pedestal dvd storage and all of its display pedestals using advanced CNC equipment and lock-miter construction. Each display pedestal is fabricated using mill-veneered plywood panels that are stronger and more durable than veneered MDF panels. All materials used by WW Pedestals comply with strict California CARB requirements. All finishes are water-based, no solvent based finishes are used.

How long does it take to make display pedestals?

Display pedestals manufactured by WW Pedestals are built-to-order and they are built FAST. The Company does not inventory any display pedestal for sale. Any pedestal you order, like a real wood pedestal dvd storage will be built by us specifically for you. Generally, from the date an order is received, display pedestals are manufactured and shipped within 1 week or less.

What about Real Wood Pedestal Dvd Storage?

Since everything we manufacture is built-to-order, WW Pedestals gladly accepts custom size requests without increasing production times or adding significant cost.

Our pedestals are engineered to achieve superior strength and durability.

WW Pedestals is committed to delivering products of superior quality and value. Quality begins with a design and engineering approach that incorporates twenty years of technical refinements based upon the real world performance of our pedestals in 170 Crate & Barrel retail locations in North America. WW Pedestals uses lock miter construction to increase the glue surface and structural strength of its display Pedestals. All pedestals, including real wood pedestal dvd storage are precisely machined using advanced CNC routers and cross locking corners are installed in these dados to add structural integrity at the bottom of the pedestal where a display pedestal is likely to open. The cross locking corners are used to mount durable tack glides. WW Pedestals exhibit superior strength and the rectangular display pedestals can support up to 300 lbs. From a structural standpoint, they should last decades.

Made in USA

Manufacturing real wood pedestal dvd storage in the United States makes sense and creates opportunities. Rather than ordering products from China, Viet Nam or other countries and waiting for ships to cross oceans and international boarders, WW Pedestals can build your Display Pedestals to order and ship what you want when you want it.

WW Pedestals is proud to manufacture its real wood pedestal dvd storage, solid surface pedestals and laminate pedestals in the United States and is committed to the success of the American worker. We believe their future is our future and their success ensures our success.

WW Pedestals manufactures real wood pedestal dvd storage from materials that meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) environmental regulations restricting the use of formaldehyde, regardless of where the pedestals are being sold.

You and your family can be confident when purchasing real wood pedestal dvd storage from WW Pedestals that your display pedestals will not contain undue levels of formaldehyde, whether you live in California, New York or any other state.

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