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A design and engineering approach that incorporates 30 years of technical refinements based upon the real world performance of our pedestals in 170 Crate & Barrel retail locations in North America. WW Pedestals uses lock miter construction to increase the glue surface and structural strength of its display pedestals.They are precisely machined using advanced CNC routers and cross locking corners are installed to add structural integrity at the bottom of the pedestal where a display pedestal is likely to open. The cross locking corners are used to mount durable tack glides.

WW Pedestals exhibit superior strength and the rectangular display pedestals can support up to 300 lbs. From a structural standpoint, they should last decades.

super fast manufacturing of display pedestals

WW Pedestals engineers and manufactures its display pedestals using advanced CNC equipment and lock-miter construction. All display pedestals are fabricated using mill-veneered plywood panels that are stronger and more durable than veneered MDF panels. All materials used by WW Pedestals comply with strict California CARB requirements. All finishes are water-based, no solvent based finishes are used. We ship to the continental US directly from our premises, so you can take advantage of significant savings by buying direct from manufacturer at factory prices.

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