"All lights are not created equal".

Five years ago, WW Pedestals committed itself to offering advanced LED lighting options that meet and exceed the capabilities of Xenon, Halogen and florescent light sources. Strict specifications for brightness, color rendering, color temperature, efficiency, safety and longevity were developed and WW Pedestals has monitored progress in the LED industry on a global basis. Now that WW Pedestals specifications have been met, we are pleased to offer advanced LED lighting options to you.

Lighting a room, commercial space, office or factory is different than lighting an object of art or product on display. When lighting art or products on display, color rendering, color temperature and brightness are critical. In order to help you better understand these key lighting concepts, two documents are provided below. The first document explains LED lighting options and technical terms. The second document provides performance specifications on WW Pedestal’s lighting options and quantitative data on the underlying light sources used.

If all of this seems like gibberish to you, look at the photographs below. The Peacock did not change, it was not repainted. The only difference between the two photographs was the light source used. The photograph on the left uses a light with a high color rendering index value; the photograph on the right does not. Which light do you want? When purchasing a pedestal with lighting, which light are you buying?

WW Pedestals LED Lighting and Concepts PDF - DOWNLOAD LINK

WW Pedestals Lighting Specifications PDF - DOWNLOAD LINK

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